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December 03, 2020

North Korea Threatens American, South Korean Alliance

South Korea and America are on the same page
Larry Downing / Reuters

South Korea and America are on the same page
Larry Downing / Reuters

San Francisco ( North Korea has never been a state that has had positive relations with many other countries since its inception in 1948. With the exception of a minor alliance with China, North Korea makes enemies with most other states. Despite numerous attempts by the United States, Japan, South Korea, and other nations to hold peace talks and improve relations with the isolationist state, North Korea has continuously resisted the attempts.

Led by Kim Jong Il, North Korea has constructed a nuclear program that it has used despite warnings from the international community not to.

Monday, the United States and South Korea have a military procedure planned. In response, North Korea called the United States nothing but “imperialists” and South Korea a nation of “traitors.” North Korea said it would “deal a merciless counterblow” to the exercise.

North Korea officials appear to assume that the military exercise is actually an attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Officials from North Korea are threatening that their counteraction “will be the severest punishment no one has ever met in the world.”

The exercise by the United States and South Korea is going to go on for eleven days and will be an annual procedure from now on.

President Barack Obama has supportive of South Korea in their peaceful battle of resistance against North Korea’s nuclear and militaristic actions.

Obama, along with the United Nations, has sanctioned North Korea for their use of nuclear technology despite the fact that they have no right to use nuclear weapons according to the United Nations, as well as their attack of a South Korean ship by Seoul in May.

South Korea has rightfully become genuinely concerned with the possibility of an attack by North Korea on South Korean soil that would lead to numerous casualties.

Until North Korean officials decide and realize that it is in fact in their best interest to compromise and work with the rest of the international community, they will continue to be isolated from the rest of the world and continue to only have China as a trading partner, only due to the shared border.

President Obama is not planning on backing off of the issue of North Korea’s defiance and will do all he can to set the rebel state in line.

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