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August 10, 2022

NFL Season Begins, Predictions for the Season, 49ers Win Super Bowl

Today is not a holiday, but to millions of men and women in the United States it might as well be. Today is the official beginning of the NFL season. Tonight the Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants, will take on America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener. Then on Sunday, the season will truly feel real as NFL Sunday football comes back into our lives for one more glorious year.

So far

So far, there have already been a few notable storylines. Terrell Owens was finally granted one more chance to succeed in the NFL when the Seattle Seahawks signed him to a one year deal. Chad Johnson got the same opportunity with the Miami Dolphins. However, both men have since been released from their contracts and are still unsigned.

Maurice Jones-Drew had a very public contract dispute and holdout with the Jaguars, but he is now back with the team under his original contract.

Another major issue has been the matter of replacement referees. It is still a real option that the referees may return to the field, but until then, we will have to hope that the replacement refs can do at least a nearly as good job.

And of course, we cannot forget Bounty-Gate. Who is the true heel? Is it Roger Goodell? Or is it Jonathan Vilma?

Coming Up

But here, let’s focus on what is still upcoming this season. Here we will predict the teams that make the playoffs, the players who stand out, and who will take home another Super Bowl Championship at the end of it all.


In the East it is always tough to say who will come up strong and who will fall down flat. Every team can reasonably be expected to do anywhere from 6-10 to 12-4. Here, we predict that it will be the Philadelphia Eagles, led by Michael Vick, who will finally get everything together and snag the Division Title. Not to be left out, the Giants are predicted to win one of the two wild card spots.

In the North, we do not have much trouble deciding what will happen. The deeply talented Green Bay Packers will once again have a near perfect regular season and win the division. Also, the Chicago Bears will rise up with the addition of Brandon Marshall and take the second wild card spot.

In the South, Bounty-Gate will take effect. The Saints won’t be turned into a bottom-feeder, but they will definitely lose a few more games than usual and end up on the outside looking in as the Atlanta Falcons leap into the playoffs.

In the West, the San Francisco 49ers will win the division for a second year in a row. With the best defense in the NFL and one of the most efficient offenses in the league, the 49ers are a safe bet to make the playoffs. We predict that Patrick Willis will be named the Defensive Player of the Year.


In the East, the dynasty we call the New England Patriots will again win the division led by Tom Brady. With all of the new weapons at his disposal in addition to the return of his stars tight ends, Brady will definitely win the MVP Award.

The North will see the Baltimore Ravens win the division with the Pittsburgh Steelers grabbing the wild card spot.

In the South, Andrew Luck will get the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, but he will not be in the playoffs. The time is now for the Houston Texans to win the division. And the Tennessee Titans will sneak into the playoffs by a slim margin to get the wild card.

And in the West, Peyton Manning will be stunned when he does not make the playoffs. The Broncos tight schedule will prove to be too much. It will be the Kansas City Chiefs that will come out of the West with the Division Title.

Super Bowl

And here is the prediction everyone wants to see. The Super Bowl will pit the San Francisco 49ers against the Houston Texans. The 49ers are picked to go over against the Texans to secure Super Bowl Title number six for an overall Super Bowl record of 6-0.

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