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January 26, 2021

NASA Makes Huge Discovery, Earth-Sized Planets Found


NASA’s Kepler Mission has reportedly found planets outside of the solar system that are approximately the same size of our planet Earth.

This is the first time NASA has not only found an Earth like planet, but one that is of similar size. Dozens of other planets have been located in recent years, but they have all been gas planets or, in the rare event that they were Earth like and rocky, they were nearly two times the size of our Earth.

Today NASA announced the discovery of two planets that are about the same size as Earth that are both rocky. They are in the Kepler-20 solar system. It is 1,000 light years away. The planet Kepler-20f is about 1.03 times the size of Earth. However, the temperature on the surface is 1,400 degrees. Thus the planets are more than likely uninhabitable.

The goal of NASA is to find a planet that is the same size as Earth and is habitable. So far no one planet has met the two standards, but NASA is working hard, exploring every last corner of the universe to find their target.

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