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December 09, 2022

Madonna Succeeds At Super Bowl Halftime Show, Set To Play Yankee Stadium

After performing at the Super Bowl halftime show just two days ago, the megastar known as Madonna has signed on to play at the most famous baseball park in the world, Yankee Stadium. Madonna will play at the home of the boys in pinstripes on September 6th this upcoming season.

The performance will come just a few weeks after Madonna returns to the United States after wrapping up her European tour. Yankee season ticket holders will be able to get tickets to the show in a presale before tickets are officially on sale.

The 53 year old star was watched by 114 million Americans on Sunday as she performed at halftime. Included in her performance were Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, and MIA. Her performance was slightly shadowed by MIA’s middle finger gesture that the NBC censors did not catch in time even with their momentary delay.

The superstar made her image newly fresh by the performance and introduced herself to a younger audience.

Madonna, based on the amount of time she was on television and the cost of a commercial, reportedly received $85 million worth of free publicity. Halftime performers are not paid for their services as they get so much free television time when over 100 million Americans are watching.

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