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June 28, 2022

Jay Z and Beyonce Make Business Move, Plan to Trademark Blue Ivy

How badly do Jay Z and Beyonce want to make sure that no other little girl in the United States has the same name as their newborn Blue Ivy Carter and that no one can use the name without their permission? The answer is bad enough to where they are attempting to trademark her name and essentially own the words “Blue Ivy.”

Blue Ivy’s mom and dad have already put in the proper paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Many are expecting this to be a business move. It is expected that the couple is already putting plans in place to start a line of baby products based on their new child. Barely one month old, Blue Ivy is already becoming a businesswoman.

The trademark would also keep other companies from using the name to market their own products.

The trademark has not been approved as of yet, but experts say that it is common for parents to protect the image of their children by trademarking their names. It is apparently not an uncommon occurrence.

If the request is approved, it could end up making baby Blue Ivy Carter more money by her first birthday than many of us will make by the time we hit 40.

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