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August 10, 2022

iPhone 5 Introduced, Apple Tops Itself Again

Holy smokes, bologna, fudge, and mustard Apple has done it again! The iPhone 5 is finally revealed. Consumers and experts alike are already raving about the new phone. Just when you thought that Apple had reached perfection with the iPhone 4S, the smartphone world has again been thrown for a loop with the reigning king of phones coming out with its newest version.

The coming out party for the iPhone 5 has been hyped for a few months now and it did not disappoint. Apple fans can openly say that Steve Jobs would have been proud of the new iPhone and the way it was revealed to the world on Wednesday.

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How could Apple possibly improve on the iPhone? Is there anything Apple could change about the best selling phone in history to make people WANT to upgrade? Yes.

After months of talk that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have overtaken the iPhone and experts saying that quite possibly, Android phones had surpassed Apple phones, Apple and the iPhone 5 have completely shut up the critics and proven that nothing can touch the iPhone. Apple looked at what people said made the Samsung Galaxy S3 so special and then looked at how they could improve the iPhone.

The new iPhone 5 is slightly larger than previous models and it has a much lighter feel to it. Not only is the phone frame larger, but the screen is larger as well. One of the things that attracted customers away from the iPhone and toward the Samsung Galaxy S3 was that the screen was notably larger. That is exactly why the new iPhone 5 has grown from the typical 3.5-inch screen into a 4-inch screen. The makes room for an extra row of apps on each page of the screen. It might not be as much as the 4.5 inches on the Samsung Galaxy S3, but arguably the size of that phone is just a bit too large, maybe .5 inches too large.

The phone is also faster now. The iPhone 5 comes with an A6 processor, which allows you to use your phone at nearly lightning speed. And let us not forget about the new camera features. If you thought taking a picture was easy before, now it is faster than ever and as clear as ever. The new system on the phone is the iOS 6, which is brand new.

Still the best

Lil Wayne once rapped, “been the beast and still I am, now I rock and still I jam.” And that is exactly what Apple was screaming on Wednesday. For years Apple has been producing the iPhone and has clearly been the dominant smartphone producer in the world. Competitor after competitor has stepped up to try to topple the king, but Apple is just too strong. Even as the iPhone holds onto its classical traits, it continues to makes improvements and innovations to make sure no one can even touch them.

What Else?

Apple did not only roll out the new iPhone on Wednesday, but it also showed the world the new line of iPods. Now we have a new version of the iPod nano and the iPod touch for consumers to buy. The new devices come with a cool new look.

However, with growing numbers of iPhone users who can put music on their phones, it is questionable how many people really want the iPod. After all, would you rather pay $149 for a new iPod nano or spend a bit more to get the iPhone 5?

Then again, there are many people who would rather keep their music and their phones separate. Some people would rather not put their personal information on a device they take jogging or to the gym.

What’s Next?

It seems like Apple has done it all. But we say that every year. Apple most certainly has something up their sleeves. This time next year we will be looking at the iPhone 6 in wonder. We will be thinking to ourselves, “How did they think of that?”

If Apple has taught us anything, it is that no matter what we think Apple is capable of, they will always outdo our expectations and show us why they are king.

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