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August 10, 2022

Hilton Cocaine Case Results In No Jail Time

Hilton not going to prison

Hilton not going to prisonIn the entertainment world, the hot topic right now is the arrest of socialite Paris Hilton on charges of cocaine possession. At first, most thought the blond would surely face time behind bars, but she has found a way to avoid such a result.

Reports indicate that Hilton will enter a plea deal early on Monday in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a result of the deal, Hilton will serve no jail time.

She will be giving in a plea of guilty for two counts of misdemeanor violations and not on felony charges for drug possession. The counts will be one for drug possession and one for obstructing an officer.

David Roger, the District Attorney in Clark County said that the reports were in fact true.

Now, the 29 year old will be receiving a pair of six month sentences that are to be suspended and will then be put on a year of probation instead.

Roger says that he feels with the plea deal, Hilton’s future will be brighter as she will constantly be aware of the law and how she can be sent to jail at any time for violating her probation.

Hilton was taken into custody on August 27th. As part of a routine traffic stop, a police officer detected the scent of marijuana and then during questioning, a bag containing cocaine fell out of Hilton’s purse.

After years of toying with the law and avoiding serious jail time on multiple occasions, Hilton is now dangerously close to serving some real time.

While she may not being serving time for the current charges that she is up against, she would be in serious trouble with the law if she crosses it just one more time over the course of the next year.

With starlets like Lindsay Lohan continuously getting into trouble and having to serve time in prison for similar offenses, it is a wonder how Paris Hilton can be so careless with her life and continue to push the envelope of the law of the United States of America.

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