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September 28, 2022

Survivor Nicaragua Winner Announced – Fabio aka Judson Birza

Credit: Mark Davis/CBS
Credit: Mark Davis/CBS

The hit television show “Survivor: Nicaragua” came to a conclusion last night with 21 year old Judson “Fabio” Birza claiming the $1 million top prize.  Birza becomes the youngest contest ever to win the top prize on one of the longest running reality TV shows.  In order to get to the final three Birza had to win three straight immunity challenges.  After winning the challenges Birza was able to vote out his strongest competitor, Holly Hoffman.

With Hoffman out of the way Birza was set to face the final vote against Chase Rice.  In a bit of a surprising twist Birza won this last vote by only one tally.  When talking with the final tribal council about who they voted for Birza thought he was going to win the contest handily.  However, a little bit of shock and nervousness had to strike Birza when Chase went up 4 votes to 2 at the beginning of the final tally.

While that final vote was a much closer than Birza anticipated the end result was what he had expected.  Using all of his charm, wit and free spirit, Birza was able to convince the final tribal council that he should be the one to go home with the $1 million prize.  Birza really seems to think that his easy going, free spirit was what won over most of the other contestants, allowing them to easily give Birza their vote as they would have genuinely liked to see him win the $1 million.

You can read an interview where Fabio reveals the secrets to his success here.

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