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November 29, 2023

Donald Trump Calls Out the President and Proves He Deserves Republican Nomination

Kevin T. Gilbert
Kevin T. Gilbert

When Donald Trump first announced his potential candidacy for the President of the United States in the 2012 election many assumed it was nothing more than a publicity stunt made to increase interest in his television show, “The Apprentice.”

As the days went on and Trump began to immerse himself more and more into politics in the United States, it became very clear that not only was he serious about running for the position of Head of State in 2012, but that he is without a doubt the man for the job.

Trump is a successful businessman. He went from being one of the most successful and wealthiest businessmen in America to going bankrupt then back to being successful. Not only did he resurrect his career, but also he improved it tenfold. Trump is by far richer, smarter, and more successful today than he ever was.

And right now, that is exactly why America needs Donald Trump. The United States went from being the most prosperous country in the world to struggling with its economy. Right now we are in a time of crucial need for an economic and political overhaul that would reduce the national debt and deficit, as well as completely turn around the economy.

Trump is one of the wisest people in the entire country in terms of economics and finance. So how could he possibly not be fit for that aspect of the job?

Trump also is the only man in the country with the courage to say what others can only have the guts to think.

He called out President Obama on his political tactics and his place of birth.

Sure Obama may have presented a birth certificate, but as President of the United States of America, is it not even slightly possible that he fabricated the document?

The man barely spent his childhood in the country and his father was not even born in this continent. Do people really trust a piece of paper to discount the rest of the evidence? There have been people who have counterfeit more difficult documents.

Imagine Trump dealing with Congress. He won’t allow anyone to push for random measures or spend money frivolously without calling them on their actions. He would rule with an iron “you’re fired” hand.

Trump will get to the bottom of every issue without beating around the bush or sugarcoating his questions.

Trump would handle every issue that comes his way swiftly and effectively.

With both his personal success and his recent political actions, Trump has proven that he is the man for the job of President of the United States of America.

2 Comments on Donald Trump Calls Out the President and Proves He Deserves Republican Nomination

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