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April 14, 2021

Dennis Rodman Enters NBA Hall of Fame, Shares Regret

Friday, Dennis Rodman was officially inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Rodman is arguably the best rebounder in the history of the game with a career average of 13.1 boards a game. He led the league in rebounds for seven years. Rodman won five NBA Titles. The first two titles came as a member of the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons as they defeated the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls. The last three came as Rodman stood next to Jordan and Pippen as a member of the Bulls.

Rodman’s flamboyant character is often noted before his talent. The crazy clothes and hair color and even make up overshadow his on court talent often.

But Friday night, fans got to see past the character and past the player and see the man behind the mask, Dennis Rodman.

While in tears, Rodman praised the game of basketball for taking him away from a life of poverty that could have seen him fall into drugs.

Rodman then said spoke about the father he never knew that still wrote a book on Rodman to make money.

Then Rodman spoke about his mother. He spoke of the tough love childhood she gave him and his siblings. He said he had not been too good of a son to her, but as he has grown, that has changed.

Finally, while looking his wife and three kids, Rodman said that his biggest regret as a player, “I wish I was a better father.”


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