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June 10, 2023

Chinese President Visits United States, Comes To White House and Discusses North Korea, Economy, and Trade

White House
White House

With the relations between the United States and China improving heavily during the first half of President Obama’s term in office, it does not come as a surprise that President Hu Jintao of China decided to make the journey over to Washington D.C. to visit with the American President.

Tuesday, President Hu landed in America and is set to have a personal meeting with President Obama. So far, Obama and Hu have already spoken in person seven times, emphasizing the strong relationship between the two leaders and their states.

The Chinese President landed in Maryland at Joint Base Andrews. He was met by Vice President Joe Biden and was saluted by the military as well.

Hu will be in the United States for three days. Two major points that Hu will be addressing with Obama will be trade between the United States and China and the continuing issues with North Korea, among other matters. After their scheduled meeting on Wednesday, the two men will hold a press conference together and attend a formal state dinner in which the guest of honor will be President Hu.

In terms of trade, Hu is said to be planning on emphasizing the benefits for both states of increased and balanced trade and that such an agreement would also help the entire continent of Asia stabilize economically. To further the business side of the trip to America, Hu will also talk to corporate executives on Thursday in Chicago.

Obama is expected to address the issues of China’s treatment of human rights and repressing open political expression and thought.

Robert Gibbs said, “Obviously that is a topic of some significance that the two leaders will talk about. We will continue to have difficult conversations,” on the matter with the Chinese government.

Another issue has to do with the People’s Bank of China intentionally lowering the value of the yuan, which in turn makes the cost of their exports lower, thus giving them an advantage in the world market.

Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, as well as members of the Senate, want something done about the financial manipulation in China and other nations too.

The way the Chinese government manipulates their currency is said to be hurting the recovery of the American economy according to congress people such as Charles Schumer, the New York Senator.

With the relationship with China being very important, the next few days could prove to be very vital for the recovery of the American economy.

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