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July 26, 2021

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Gains Support on Facebook, the NFL

Tracy Porter of the New Orleans Saints
Patrick Semansky/AP
Tracy Porter of the New Orleans Saints
Patrick Semansky/AP

For all women throughout the world, a common fear is shared. That fear is one that more than likely has already affected at least one woman that each one of us knows. That fear, is the possibility of being diagnosed with the disease of breast cancer.

For the year of 2010, the American Cancer Society makes some startling predictions. A projected 207,090 women will find out that they have invasive breast cancer. Approximately 54,010 non-invasive forms of breast cancer will be detected in women. And most disappointingly, 39,840 are expected to die because of the disease.

Behind lung cancer, breast cancer is the number two deadliest cancer a woman can face. In fact, there is about a three percent or 1/35 chance that a woman will die due to the disease. Thus is why the American Cancer Society recommends that women 40 years old and older get checked for the disease once per year.

On a bright note, the United States is home to more than two and a half million women who have taken on the disease and defeated it.

Being that breast cancer is such a widespread and common disease, millions have made October the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month in order to inform women and all citizens of the risks, signs, and treatments for breast cancer.

And the United States is more than happy to help bring about awareness.

Most have probably heard of events such as the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure and numerous local walkathons to raise money to fund research for breast cancer and to help women fund their battles against the disease.

Then of course there is the common pink ribbon that millions sport every October.

Even the NFL brings about awareness by having its players where pink gear for the month of October. This is evident on players’ cleats, hats, gloves, hats, the referees’ whistle, the cheerleaders’ outfits, and even by the pink ribbon logo being right behind the NFL logo on the footballs.

On Facebook, women joined together again in what can be described as a fun way to join together all the women on the world. This week saw numerous status changes to the effect of “I like it on…” While this may sounds like it is referring to a sexual activity, the inside joke among women was that it was really referring to where they prefer to leave their purses at the end of the day. Thus is why many women on your Facebook likely had a status that may have read, “I like it on the counter,” this past week.October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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