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August 09, 2022

America Is Tired of Iraq War

With the current recession dragging on, another troubling issue has lost its news appeal to the American public. That matter is the War in Iraq.

As depicted with President Obama’s plan to bring home thousands of troops in a matter of months, the situation in Iraq is obviously getting better and nowhere near as dangerous nor unfavorable as it once was.

While the interest in the war have depleted, the price tag of now six year struggle has surpassed $700 billion and according to the current plans for Iraq, the cost will exceed $800 billion. However, with the news coverage focusing mainly on Obama’s Stimulus Package and the dwindling economy, American citizens haven’t been focusing on all of the negativities attached with the Iraq War.

When the presidential election was being held, the exit polls revealed that only ten percent of the nation had the war as their primary perturbation. That was so even with a staggering total of 4,259 American soldiers killed in battle.

During the election period, attention on Iraq was still fairly high as Obama proclaimed his stance against it while John McCain spoke of his support for it. No longer the case, President Obama is still sticking to his word as he is working towards the ending of the ongoing conflict.

An estimated 142,000 soldiers as still in Iraq and under Obama’s plan, they should by the end of 2011. 12,000 are expected to come home within the next six months and another 80,000 to 95,000 in the subsequent thirteen months.

The American interest in the Iraq War has died out, and with the current progressions taking place in Iraq and with President Obama’s plan, the war itself should be no more come 2012.

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