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January 19, 2022

A Lesson in Style & Grace – Michelle Obama’s Wardrobe

Elegance, style, grace, quality. No, I am not talking about the dunking abilities of LeBron James; I am talking about the lovely Michelle Obama.

Don’t believe me? BELIEVE ME! Case in point, the dresses that the First Lady wore at the Inaugural Events. Did you see them? Oh wow, as you watched her and President Obama, you knew that you were seeing fashion at its height.

Take her choice of dress for the Inaugural Ball, a one-shouldered, cream-colored gown designed by Jason Wu, a Taiwanese-American designer. The amazing gown oozed class, but also managed to be alluring.

Michelle Obama inauguration dress

Another one of her outfits, a lemongrass wool lace ensemble, was made by Isabel Toledo. The outfit sparked views of amazement as the audience laid eyes on it.

Michelle Obama dress

At the end of the festivities, after seeing her fantabulous (THIS IS A REAL WORD) outfits, which for the most part were designed by new, up and coming designers who definitely banked off of providing Michelle Obama with the ensembles, the citizens of the United States knew that our First Lady was going to be a trendsetter. It is quite obvious that when Mrs. Obama selects outfits, she always picks ITC’s-Instant Timeless Classics. Her choice in fashion easily hits a perfect ten on the Elegantocity Scale every time.

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