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November 14, 2019

Top 12 Most Ridiculous Obama T-Shirts Around

When Barack Obama won the presidential election in 2008 he made history by becoming the first African American president of the United States. Many people have designed t-shirts to commemorate this historical achievement, but others have gone plain out ridiculous with the Obama name. Here are our picks for the top 12 most ridiculous Obama t-shirts around.

#12 – Super Obama

Super Obama Shirt

While he may not be faster than a speeding bullet, Obama has certainly been trying his best to do a super hero’s job in the white house.

#11 – I Heart Obama

I Heart ObamaWe know you heart Obama, but does his face really need to be red?

#10 – History of Presidents

Obama Shirt HistoryWhen you compare Obama amongst our history of presidents, he really stands out in the crowd!

#9 – Rock Out with your Barack Out

Rock Out ObamaPlaying off of a saying regarding partying hard and certain unmentionables….clever.

#8 – Bros Before Hoes

Bros Before HoesWe don’t think Hillary would approve of this.

#7 – Obama Is My Homeboy

Obama is my Homeboy

Jesus might be your homeboy, but make Obama your homeboy too!

#6 – DJ Obama

DJ ObamaObama ain’t no hip president unless he spins some sweet beats!

#5 – I’ll Be Barack

Terminator Obama

The Governator’s got nothing on our President of the United States!

#4 – Obama Mickey

Obama MickeyNow we’re getting pretty ridiculous.

#3 – Gangsta Barack

Gangsta Barack

Homies be trippin when Barack rolls in the hood.

#2 – John McCain Posterized

Obama DunkJohn McCain just got dunked on by President Obama!

#1 – Fighting Zombies

Zombie BarackThis is probably the most ridiculous Obama shirt you will ever see.  Barack fighting zombies? Really?


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