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June 24, 2019

Tiger Woods’ Ex Wife Demolishes House, Wants Fresh Start

When they divorced, Elin Nordegren, the former wife of legendary golfer Tiger Woods, got the house and millions of dollars. Now we are beginning to find out just how rich the former Mrs. Woods is as she has reportedly torn down the 12.3 million dollar mansion that she and Woods lived in.

The home, which has an ocean front view, was over 17,00 square feet, had eight bathrooms, a lavish pool, and even an elevator.

According to sources, originally Nordegren was just going to renovate the home, but when the renovations began she decided to instead tear it down completely and start all over. She is now reportedly working with very high end architects and designers.

Woods apparently had no say in the matter. He currently resides in the Jupiter, Florida home that he bought last year.

The couple separated after the enormous scandal that broke out in late 2009 when it came out that Woods had been having numerous affairs behind Nordegren’s back. Upon finding out, Nordegren became enraged and the marriage soon ended in a very bad way. They currently share custody of the kids.

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