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July 16, 2020

Obama to Protect South Korea

President Barack Obama has promised to protect the nation of South Korea from nuclear threats from neighboring North Korea. In addition, Obama hopes to end the North Korea practice of testing missiles in order to gain economic support.

Obama said that the exchange of food, fuel, and funds for cooperation with the rest of the world must come to an end. North Korea can no longer be rewarded for stopping actions that they are not permitted to do in the first place. The main reason for this decree is that North Korea continually makes these agreements only to go back on them shortly there after.

Lee Myung Bak, the President of South Korea is much more confident in his strife with North Korea with the backing of the United States. The South Korean President said, “When they look at the firm partnership and alliance that we have between our two countries, they will think twice about taking any measures that they will regret.”

Furthermore, the United States and South Korea are also in talks of forming trade agreements. The hopes are to bring Korean Beef to America and American cars to South Korea.

Obama stated that the overall hope is to finally remove all nuclear weaponry from North Korea, but until that is accomplished, Obama will be seeking sanctions to be made by the United Nations Security Council. The sanctions would feature the search all of the sea, land, and air cargo that comes in and out of North Korea.

Some questions if the plan will work. Others suggest the option of getting China, which has a solid relationship economically with North Korea, to get the defiant nation to be more open to negotiations and cooperation.

However, only time will tell how the current conflict in East Asia will be solved.

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