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February 22, 2019

Obama Suggest New Spending Law

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama unveiled his idea to make alterations to federal spending. His change would be a sort of “pay as you go” spending procedure.

Under the plan, whenever the United States Government would increase spending in one area, an equal amount of savings must also be made. By doing so, no further debt would be gained as the amount of spending would always stay consistent.

Similar measures helped resurrect the economy in the 1990’s by balancing out the budget, as is the same hope for Obama’s plan.

President Obama suggests that the plan be officially placed into law rather than simply utilized until the economy regains its balance.

Some Republicans have criticized Obama’s plan. They say it is quite inappropriate that he tries to bring such a law into fruition after he and his administration approved excess spending in the trillions.

However, there is no denying the fact that upon coming into office, the United States economy was going well downhill and that he would have to work hard to fix it. While his motion to save money may be contradictory to his recent spending, it is also necessary to erase the debt accumulated in the previous president’s terms in office.

Whether Obama’s “pay as you go” plan may or may not be accepted by Congress, it is clear that something needs to be done to bring up the downtrodden economy. On that note, why not attempt something that did work in the past?

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2 Comments on Obama Suggest New Spending Law

  1. My personal opinion on income reform is kinda simple. I first of all do not discriminate, however I am a minority. I feel that the tax breaks and benefits that immagrants recieve when they come to our country should be reformed. Immagrants can come to our country and recieve all of this free money and open up businesses and recieve all of these tax benefits for x amount of time before they have any real obligation to our country and all they do is send money back to their country to help provide for their families back in their home country so that another family member can come to our country to recieve the same benefits just before their tax breaks and benefits are about to end so that they can give the business to other family members so they don’t have to hold up to their end of the deal therefore they can still reap the benefits by working for another family member. Now when a immigrant comes to our country they should be obligated to live by the same laws as we do because after all they choose to come here to our country, we do not beg nor ask them to come here. When we move to another country their government does not give us any tax breaks nor any assistance. Hell I was born and raised here(US)and have worked hard my whole life and my government have not given me any thing. I pay child support and have been laid off for 6 months and I only earn $301 a week and after they take out my support I am forced to live off off $125 a week. Now with with that said I have applied for food stamps and medicaid and was denied but I have worked for the past 23 years of my life to pay for those that are able but not willing to work to be able to earn food stamps and TANF and medicaid but now I can’t recieve any thing and I still have to pay taxes on what I will earn this year for unemployment. Now if I had the benefits at the palm of my hand that our immigrants have I would have had money saved so that I would not need any assistance. They have access to Government Grants that I should have access to and I don’t because in order to get the info I would have to pay for it $40-$100 just for info. I purchased a Grant disc and when I went to click on the web addresses to apply for a Grant all of the links were broken so therefore I lost money that I did’nt have to give away but no one cares about the American people being robbed as long as they get their money.

  2. I like the pay as you go, but with federal contracting rules good luck in making any real change. Federal contracting rules are resulting in us paying more for services than what we know the costs to be and doesn’t allow us to establish the rate we believe we should pay. Instead we have to pay through an RFP and competitive process. I cannot go to a retailer and tell him what I am willing to pay as a private citizen, but with the competitive bid process that is required with federal money I have to let them tell me and then I pick the lowest; even when I have a fee schedule that is based on a cost analysis.

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