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March 29, 2020

Obama Addresses Solar Energy and The Economic Situation

Wednesday, President Barack Obama was in Las Vegas, Nevada at Nellis Air Force Base. Obama was there to give a speech on solar energy and the current economic issue in the United States.

After praising the men and women of the United States military present at the base, Obama went on with his speech.

Obama opened with touting the solar electric energy plant near the base, which is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The plant that was built on an old landfill produces enough power to provide for 13,200 homes on a daily basis.

Obama went on to praise how the project to install the 72,000 plus solar panels took more than a year to finish and made 200 jobs. In addition, the single plant is designed to save the United States one million dollars a year as opposed to the costs of previous energy sources.

Furthermore, Obama explained that the plant “will also reduce harmful carbon pollution by 24,000 tons per year, which is the equivalent of removing 4,000 cars from our roads.”

The President went on to express his hope for these kinds of changes to be made throughout America. He stated that with the implementation of more solar plants around the United States to replace other forms of energy would bring not only a cleaner America, but also a more economically stable one.

Obama has made a major step in making his dream a reality with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The act has created close to 150,000 jobs constructing solar panels, wind turbines, and manufacturing “more energy efficient” homes and buildings. Obama stated that the act would provide work for the numerous people who were unfortunately laid off during the recent past.

The act is not only making the United States a cleaner place to be, but is also proving financial aid to many in this time of need. As Obama said, 95% of all workers saw their paychecks increase due to the tax cuts provided by the act, senior citizens received $250 more “in their social security checks,” the unemployed have received better benefits and cheaper health care, and for those who have made their homes more energy efficient, as much as $350 has been saved on their energy bills.

Obama is not content though. He states that this is only the first step in the long road to national economic recovery. He said that with the Recovery Act, he hopes that within the next two years all Americans will benefit and prosper with its progressions.

Obama expressed his disdain in the overwhelming American dependence on foreign oil. He went on to point out that only 3% of all of the United States’ electricity is made from solar or wind energy.

Obama exclaimed that America can either stay the worlds biggest “importer” of oil or become the biggest exporter of clean energy.

Obama hopes that with the Recovery Act and all that comes with it that in two years time, the United States of America will be back to its feet and better than ever.

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