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July 21, 2018

Grants 360 Review – Is Grants360 a Scam?

You are probably here because you are wondering if Grants 360 is a legitimate service or a scam. Will Grants 360 help you get that government grant that you want?

We have the answer for you and it may not be one that you want to hear.

While Grants 360 is playing within their legal boundaries they are overpriced service for what they provide you.  Grants360 is an aggregator of publically available grant information for you and because of this you can just as easily visit the official government grant website to get the same information.

Now if you are lazy and do not want to do this research for yourself then you may sign up for Grants360 but they will bill you $57.61 each month. However if you just signed up you can still cancel within 1 day and you will only be charged the $1.95 processing fee. If it has been past 1 day then you will be enrolled and billed monthly.

Grants360 reviewHow to Cancel Grants 360?

Grants360 has their cancellation information publically displayed at the bottom of their website under the “terms” link but here is how you cancel.

You can call them at 1.866.978.3281 or you can email them at the address on their site.  Grants360 recommends you have your email address and registration information available when you call to cancel.

The website is not associated with the government