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July 17, 2018

Barack Obama News

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

2009 Barack Obama Inauguration Events

Barack Obama Biography

Obama’s First Acts in Office – Salary Freeze

A Lesson in Style & Grace – Michelle Obama’s Wardrobe

Trouble Between Obama and Congress

Obama Looks to Pass Economic Stimulus Package

Governor Blagojevich is a Circus Clown

Obama’s $819 Billion Stimulus Passed in House

Obama Disappointed in Wall Street Bonuses

Obama to Boost Organized Labor

Obama Believes in Stimulus Package

Obama to Lower Executive Bonuses

Obama Backs His Stimulus Package

Obama Wants to Bailout Homeowners

Obama’s Stimulus Plan Passes – $838 Billion

Economic Stimulus Package Almost Complete

Obama’s Stimulus Package Vote

Stimulus Package Recap

Obama Protects Wildlife

Obama Making Moves On Health Care

Obama Okays Stem Cell Research

America Is Tired of Iraq War

AIG Gives Bonuses After Getting Bailout

AIG Tried To Make Good

Increased 2010 Budget

Obama Focusing on Pakistan and Afghanistan

Obama Says No to North Korea

Obama Visits Iraq

Obama Addresses Immigration

Obama Alters Cuba Travel Policies

Obama Visits South America

Criticizing Obama?

Obama’s New Energy Plans

Obama Apologizes for Inappropriate Photo Shoot

Obama Answers Questions

Obama Takes Action On Swine Flu

Obama Works on Aiding Middle East

Obama’s Taxes Worry India

Obama Addresses US, Israeli Relations

Obama and Cheney Disagree

North Korea Continues Nuclear Weapons Program

Obama Addresses Solar Energy and The Economic Situation

Obama to Deliver Speech in Egypt

Obama for Mandatory Health Care

Obama Touts Stimulus Package

Obama Suggest New Spending Law

Obama Holds Speech with AMA

Obama to Protect South Korea

Obama Warns Iran

Obama Takes Care of Tobacco

Obama Contacts Ayatollah

Obama Does Right By Homosexual Community

Obama Discusses Russia, the Supreme Court, and Michael Jackson

Obama Visits Russia

Obama Says Swine Flu May Return

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