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May 22, 2024

Education Grants

Education grants can help students of all ages. The most common type of education grant is for those looking to help pay for college.

With college tuition costs going through the roof in the last few years the demand for education grant money has also gone up. This is a good thing for students like you. With the demand for grant money has come an influx of college grant money. Over $50 billion per year is given out to students every year.

Education Grants for College

As we mentioned above, education grants for college are the most searched for.

What Can You Used Education Grant Money For?

When you are rewarded grant money you should use it for school. Here is a list of things you can use your education grants for:

  • Tuition and other school fees
  • Room and board
  • School supplies
  • Text books and reading books
  • Transportation
  • Rent while you’re in school

We often get asked if there is a difference between grants and scholarships and the answer is yes there is. Grants come from the Federal Government and include the following names:

  • Pell Grant – Awards $5,550 per school year
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant – Awards up to $4,000 per school year
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant – Education grant for the first two years of college – year one awards $750 and year two awards $1300
  • National SMART Grant – Education grant for the last two years of college – year three and four awards $4,000 each school year
  • TEACH Grant – Awards $4,000 per school year and is given to those who are interested in becoming teachers at a public school, elementary or secondary school

How are College Scholarships different from Education Grants?

As we mentioned, education grants are awarded by the Federal Government on a financial need-basis. College scholarships on the other hand can be privately awarded and usually have 4 categories:

  1. Merit based – Awarded based on applicants merit record in athletics, academics, artistic abilities or other extracurricular activities
  2. Need based – Similarly to grants, this is based on a student’s financial need
  3. Student specific – Awarded to applicants based on their race, gender, religion, medical history or almost any other student specific factor. Minority scholarships seem to be one of the more common scholarships.
  4. Career specific – Awarded based on specific careers a student chooses to pursue

List of Most Common Education Scholarships

Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation  –   Loran Award
Canadian Millennium Scholarship  –   The Millennium Bursary Program & The Millennium Excellence Award Program
British Foreign and Commonwealth Office   –  Chevening Scholarship
Commonwealth Scholarship
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange – Young Professionals Exchange Program & Young Vocationalists Exchange Program
Courageous Persuaders
Distinguished Young Women  –  Distinguished Young Women, formerly America’s Junior Miss
Filipinas, Ahora Mismo
Fulbright Program   –  Fulbright Fellowship
Gates Scholarship  –   Gates Cambridge Scholarships
George J. Mitchell Scholarship  –   George J. Mitchell Scholarship
IITA Scholarship
Kennedy Scholarship  –   Kennedy Scholarship
Library and Information Science Access Midwest Program  –   LIS Access Midwest Program (LAMP) Scholarship
Marshall Scholarship
Meyerhoff Scholarship Program
Monbukagakusho Scholarship (formerly Monbusho Scholarship)
National Merit Scholarship Program
New York Times College Scholarship
President’s Scholar  –   President’s Scholarship
Westminster School   –  Queen’s Scholarship
Rhodes Scholarship
Robertson Scholars Program
Rotary International  –   Academic-year Ambassadorial Scholarships & Peace Scholarship & Faculty Scholarship & Group Study Exchange
Samsung  –   Samsung Global Scholarship Program
Siebel Foundation – Siebel Scholarship
Truman Scholarship  –  Harry S. Truman Scholarship
United Negro College Fund  –   Numerous individual scholarships
World Bank Scholarship   –  Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship & Robert S. McNamara Fellowship

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