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June 28, 2022

NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor Gives Guilty Plea, Won’t Serve Time in Prison

San Francisco ( Sports fan often see their heroes fall from grace. In the last two decades, sports fans have seen their idols turn from perfect beings into flawed mortals.

Baseball fans have seen greats from Barry Bonds to Mark McGwire to Sammy Sosa to Alex Rodriguez battle allegations of steroid use that have tainted the sport.

Basketball fans have witnessed Michael Jordan’s gambling problems grow, Kobe Bryant’s personal life nearly crumble due to allegations of rape, and the life of Jayson Williams get turned upside down with murder charges.

The golf world saw arguably the biggest star in the history of the sport have one of the quickest falls from grace as Tiger Woods’ personal life became public last year.

And football fans have had their fair share of tragedies and disappointments.

You can now add one more to the list as Lawrence Taylor, arguably the greatest defensive player to ever play in the NFL, has officially pled guilty to charges of soliciting a prostitute and sexual misconduct.

By entering a guilty plea and not fighting the charges against him, the man who was a ten time All Pro NFL linebacker will not be expected to serve a prison term, but will instead likely get a probation sentencing for six years.

Taylor is accused of having sexual intercourse with a prostitute in Ramapo, New York on May 6th. The incident occurred in a Holiday Inn motel room. Taylor allegedly paid $300 for the sexual encounter. Unbeknownst to Taylor, the woman he was having sex with ended up being a teenage runaway who was only 16 years of age.

At first, the NFL Hall of Famer was accused of rape, sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child, and other charges of a similar nature.

The official sentencing will take place on March 22nd.

Taylor is not new to legal problems. The NFL legend has a history that involves heavy drug use. Taylor was a notorious cocaine user in his younger days. In addition, Taylor also was a heavy drinker.

The new charges against him sent shocks through the NFL community. While no one accused Taylor of being a man of no vices and one who had a personal life that should be admired by children across America, no one could believe what Taylor was initially accused of. After more information surfaced, it became obvious that Taylor did not commit rape and had no way of knowing the age of the woman.

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