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September 23, 2019

Zimmerman Collecting Money, Going Back To Prison

When the man who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin was released on bond just a few days ago, there was one question that was on the minds of millions of Americans. That question was, where did George Zimmerman come up with $150,000 to post the bond?

Turns out, Zimmerman has collected over $200,000 through online donations from supporters. However, when he was before the judge, Zimmerman reported that he could not even afford to pay his lawyers and then his bail was set. Then all the sudden Zimmerman had money. Of the $150,000 bond, Zimmerman’s family paid only 10%.

Martin’s family is demanding that Zimmerman be brought back to prison for not accurately reporting his financial situation to the judge. Essentially, Zimmerman lied in court sertraline generic. In the words of the Martin family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, “he should be held accountable for misleading the court.”

Friday, the matter of the money being sent to Zimmerman by various sources will be the topic of discussion in the Florida courtroom.

Zimmerman’s lawyer said that his client did not inform him about the over $200,000 from the internet sources until Wednesday.

This does not help Zimmerman’s case as now he can add failing to provide sufficient information to a judge to the list of crimes he is accused of.

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