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June 24, 2019

Republicans Fight For Iowa, Obama Speaks to Democrats

At a time when all eyes are on Iowa and the Republican primary voting going on in that state, President Barack Obama is speaking to Democrats in Iowa. At a time when there is a struggle for power and not as much support for him as he would like, President Obama felt the need to speak to Democrats in Iowa to improve his standing with them.

Obama held a video conference. In it, he showcased the successes that he and his administration have had in the past three years. He then expressed the need for support from Iowa’s Democratic voters next fall when the Presidency of the United States is up for grabs.

Obama also showed video of his speech that he made after winning Iowa in January of 2008 during the Democratic primary voting. Obama cited that he did in fact make good on his promises. He made health care less costly, decreased middle class taxes, concluded the Iraqi War, and brought down the dependency on foreign oil. All of those things Obama did do and most are already in effect.

Entering the last year of his first term as President, Obama has had to deal with essentially no bipartisan support and had to struggle majorly to get his measures passed. In a second term with Democratic control in the Senate and the House of Representatives, Obama would be able to make the changes he truly wants.

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