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May 27, 2020

Putin Slams America, Seeks Stronger Relationship With China

The Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has compared the United States to a “parasite” after meeting with top Chinese officials. Putin met with the Chinese to work on energy agreements and strengthen ties with the strong economic state.

Putin criticized the American economy and said that he is not judging the United States, but feels that with the way the US Dollar is run, the world economy is suffering.

Tuesday, Putin and Chinese leaders agreed on a gas and oil deal to bring better prices to the states.

The comments from Putin come as a surprise as earlier this year and last year there were many progressions made between the United States and Russia in strengthening the relationship. For a while it seemed as though that the two former Cold War enemies were about to be on the same page and finally come to terms on a peaceful existence with open trade and cooperation to work for the good of the world.


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