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July 24, 2019

Obama Visits Wisconsin, Campaigns For Democrats, Blasts Republicans

Obama Campaigns In Wisconsin
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Obama Campaigns In Wisconsin
Scott Olson/Getty Images

San Francisco ( The Midterm Elections are less than three months away and the race is as tight as ever for control of Congress. With the public perception of the job done by the Democrats and the Obama Administration being mixed, the possibility of control of the House of Representatives moving from the Democrats to the Republicans is high enough to cause concern among the Obama Administration.

In response, President Obama and members of his cabinet have been touring the United States, campaigning and fundraising for the various Democratic officials up for election and reelection on November 2nd.

Monday, President Barack Obama paid a visit to Wisconsin, stopping in Milwaukee to both promote the Democratic platform, and to fundraise for the party. Obama helped raise just under $325,000 for his party in Wisconsin.

Obama blasted Republican Party members for standing in the way of the needed economic reforms to get the economy of the United States back on track.

Obama called on the support of Democratic Party members to help push his economic vision even further in the coming years in order to dig the United States out of the recession brought about by the previous Republican administration.

Obama then called out the Republican Party for prioritizing their political agenda over the welfare of the citizens of the United States. Obama said of the Republican Party that they are “more concerned with the next election than the next generation.”

The opposite is true for Obama and his party as evidenced through their legislature, which is set to bring about countless benefits for decades to come.

Obama further blasted the Republicans for not coming up with alternatives to his policies, as well as simply re-promoting the same policies that the previous Republican administration used that led to the current economic crisis. Obama made it clear that “the worst mistake we could make now would be to turn back.”

Obama’s trip to Wisconsin was just the first stop on a three-day trip that will see the President visit five states to campaign and fundraise for his party in order to ensure better odds for victory on November 2nd.

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