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July 16, 2018

Obama Visits Chicago, Fundraises For Giannoulias

President Obama Poses With Illinois' Giannoulias

President Obama Poses With Illinois' Giannoulias

San Francisco ( – As reported one month ago, President Barack Obama planned to make a stop in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois in early August to help Alexi Giannoulias fundraise for his campaign for a seat in the United States Senate. And Thursday, President Obama did just that.

While on his stay in Chicago, Obama not only visited the Ford Motors plant and celebrated his 49th birthday with a dinner that saw a guest list comprised of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, but he also helped Giannoulias raise just under one million dollars for his campaign.

Thursday, both Obama and Giannoulias spoke to over four hundred people who would end up donating the money. Both politicians pushed the thought that the midterm elections coming up in November are truly a choice between Obama’s progression economic policies to end the recession and Bush’s old policies, which caused the recession.

In his speech, Obama touted Giannoulias’ character. Obama said, “I know how much he loves this country. I know how committed he is to public service for all the right reasons. I appreciated his strong sense of advocacy for ordinary Americans. He’s not doing this to help the lobbyists. He’s not doing it to help special interests.”

Giannoulias desperately needed Obama’s help. Giannoulias was trailing his opponent Republican Mark Kirk by three million dollars coming into August.

While Obama focused more on promoting Giannoulias and the Democratic views over those of Republicans, Giannoulias had no reservations about criticizing his opponent on November 2nd for the Senate seat. Giannoulias continuously called Kirk’s economic views, “Bush Kirk” views.

Obama’s appearance clearly caused an uproar. For Democrat’s it led to money for one of their candidates to help campaign for the midterm elections. And for Republican’s it meant an even stronger opponent in Illinois, and thus the Republicans actually protested the fundraiser outside of the hotel.

Obama’s visit home was a visible success. Not only did President Obama help Giannoulias raise one million dollars, but he also announced new progressive plans for the auto industry, and celebrated his birthday with some of his personal friends.

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1 Comment on Obama Visits Chicago, Fundraises For Giannoulias

  1. Is it really all that surprising that Big O returns to the fold? He might say, “Hello Tony (Rezko) my good neighbor! Thanks for your help with the house. I hope your enforcers kept the riff raff away. Hello Todd (Stroger)! Hope things are falling in line for you. I know having been one of Stroger’s Soldiers, how good you were at healing the wards. I’ll need your help with this election. Make sure those folks in the graveyard are all registered. Rod!! Blago my good buddy!! Don’t worry. After all of this trial stuff blows over you’ll have a Presidential Pardon in short order and I know the guy who can do it!!”

    Guilt by association….
    I just can’t figure out which one will hurt the other!

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