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October 14, 2019

Obama Takes Action Against Arizona Law

After much controversy has risen over the new immigration laws set in Arizona by governor Jan Brewer, actions are finally going to be taken against them.

Following weeks of deliberation over how to go about the issue in the border state, the Obama administration has decided to challenge the legality of the new measures. The United States Justice Department is expected to file the suits prior to July 28th in Phoenix being that July 28th is the day the new laws are set to start being enforced.

While nothing official has been said other than that the Obama administration is reviewing Arizona’s actions, Hilary Clinton has clearly expressed her stance on the issue. The current Secretary of State has said in no uncertain terms that a lawsuit is in fact coming.

The new laws are not only going to effect citizens of Arizona, but also visitors. Evidence is shown in recent Major League Baseball news.

The Latin population in Major League Baseball is obvious. Many Latin players in the MLB are new to the United States, young, and numerous still see English as a foreign language.

One major concern of MLB is that approximately 150 Latin players are scheduled to participate in the Arizona Rookie League, which begins this Monday. The league is planned to end at the end of August, meaning the players, many of whom are not American citizens, will be in Arizona when the laws take effect.

Some MLB teams are already preparing for the possible situations that may arise. The Cleveland Indians have taken a simple approach. “We brought in a local police officer to explain the situation and issued each player an ID card so they don’t have to rely on carrying around their visas and paperwork with them,” says Ross Atkins of the Indians.

The Milwaukee Brewers have also issued ID cards to their players. In addition, Brewers players also have information on each card as how to go about contacting the team officials in order to explain why the men might be in the state.

Most teams are following suit in order to make sure none of their players’ rights are compromised because of racial profiling.

With Obama pushing forward in eradicating the law, in time players going to Arizona, and other men and women who are in the state, will no longer have to worry about being stopped and detained due to skin pigmentation. But until equality is restored in Arizona, men and women in the state and visiting the state must be highly inconvenienced and have to be able to prove who they are and why they have the right to be in the state at all times.

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