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February 18, 2020

Obama Returns From Maine

San Francisco ( Much like the vacations that every other man and woman take in the United States of America, there was an ending to the one that President Barack Obama and his family took this weekend. After visiting the northeast state of Maine with his wife, the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, and his two daughters, the President of the United States went home on Sunday after recharging.

Whereas most people drive back home or get on a commercial airline such as Southwest Airlines or United Airlines, the First Family went home on a military jet that was taking the place of Air Force One for the day. The President of the United States along with the First Lady and his daughters Malia and Sasha left Bar Harbor airport early on Sunday and were back in Washington DC and in the White House before half of the day was over.

Much of their time was spent in the Acadia National Park. There, the family of the President of the United States spent their time hiking the trails as well as riding their bicycles. With the rest of their time, Obama and his family enjoyed some tennis and rode the waters on a boat. In addition, the First Family also took in some of the local food that Maine offers its visitors.

Obama and his family made sure to enjoy their time to the fullest and truly unwind and relax together. The family made it a point to take in the local scenery. The Obama’s visited Mount Desert Island, boated in the lovely Frenchman Bay, visited a local lighthouse, and went to the very top of Cadillac Mountain, one of the tallest points in all of the East Coast of the United States. From the top of Cadillac Mountain, Obama and his family were able to behold what is called one of the most beautiful views one can witness in all of North America.

When one looks over the itinerary of the vacation of President Obama and his wife and two daughters, one has no choice but to wish they could do the same with their family. While the visit to Maine was not an exciting trip to Disneyland or an extensive trip backpacking across Europe for three months, it was something much more. The trip the Obama’s took was a loving family vacation where they were able to spend time together and truly relax and take a break from a life of constant work and much responsibility.

However, now it is time for Obama and his family to get back to the daily grind of life as the First Family. Now President Obama is back to working on the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, taking care of BP, trying to establish peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine, rebuilding and stabilizing the economy of the United States of America, the upcoming midterm elections on November 2nd, and all of that is in addition to a plethora of other issues on his agenda.

After a highly enjoyable weekend, that did also include Obama delivering his weekly radio and internet address despite being on vacation, the President of the United States of America is now ready to return to his office and do what the people of the United States called on him to do a year and a half ago. With his energy levels now reenergized and full, President Barack Obama can now be expected to take on all of the issues before him with even more strength and power that will lead to his goals coming even closer to being fully accomplished.

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