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September 27, 2020

Obama for Mandatory Health Care

Wednesday, President Barack Obama expressed his willingness to accept a bill from Congress that would make health insurance mandatory for citizens of the United States and that would make the cost also be covered by employers.

However, Obama said that those who are not in a position to afford the health care and small businesses would be exempt of the decree.

President Obama even went so far as to send his ideas via letter to the two men writing the proposals for Congress, Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Max Baucus of Montana. Obama made it clear that he is open to proposals involving American’s taking responsibility when it comes to obtaining health care.

However, Obama realizes that a change to health care must be made as well as he said, “If we are going to make people responsible for owning health insurance, we must make health care affordable”.

One of his plans to make health care more affordable was to cut between 200 and 300 billion dollars from Medicare and Medicaid over the next decade on top of the already $309 billion proposed in his budget.

Obama said, “Americans should have the choice of a public health insurance option operating alongside private plans”. This would create more competition in the health care industry and thus force the rates to become more reasonable and the companies to become more honest.

Republican critics of the plan stated that eventually the private corporations would eventually lose out to the government-funded health care and create only one option for Americans.

Despite this, the fact that everyone in America would have health care is the most important factor. If a plan can be created and put into place, then the United States would be joining the rest of the world in universal health care and an all out better treatment of citizens.

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1 Comment on Obama for Mandatory Health Care

  1. What a criminal.

    Why are the Republican’s only objecting to the harm possibly caused to the insurance companies?

    They are supposed to be in favor of economic freedom. This is ridiculous. So it is ok for people to be forced to buy a particular product for the “privilege” of living? I thought survival was a right and not a “privilege” contingent on ones ability to pay some private companies that have strong lobbies?

    Of course it is about corruption, bribery and lobbying because forcing people to buy products automatically makes the price go up. What else could it do? How on earth could the price go down if everyone was forced to pay for health insurance? They have to make more money to cover the mandate. Is that money going to appear out of thin air? No, it comes from the people who will be forced to pay far more than what their health risk would really imply.

    Of course, Obama was supposed to be against this mandate as well and he evidently easily changed his mind as he always does.

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