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September 30, 2020

Obama Focusing on Pakistan and Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has unveiled new plans to help fight the terrorism in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The plans include a new legislation, a raise in the number of troops, better training for those troops, and further expertise of the civilians.

Obama called the issue of terrorism in those nations an “international security challenge of the highest order.” Intelligence organization report that al Qaeda is planning attacks on American soil from their base in Pakistan.

President Obama’s goal in Pakistan is to protect the government from falling to the Taliban and not stepping up to al Qaeda. Obama exclaimed the Pakistani need for the help of the United States.

The number of Pakistani deaths at the hands of al Qaeda is well into the thousands according to President Obama. Those deaths include policemen, soldiers, and political officials.

President Obama called for a bill to be passed that would provide Pakistan with $1.5 billion every year for the next five years. The funds would be used to build hospitals, schools, and roads as well as help solidify democracy in the nation. Obama expressed that the overall hope in Pakistan is to mature the economy and bring relief to the parts of the country damaged by the ongoing violence.

Furthermore, Obama stated that the time is now for Pakistan to eliminate al Qaeda and flourish on it’s own.

In Afghanistan, Obama looks to give the nation exactly what it has needed, but has not received due to the priority of the War in Iraq. In addition to the previously announced 17,00 soldiers, another 4,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan with the intention of assisting in the training and resurrection of the Afghan army and police forces. In addition, the civilian specialists being sent will be educators, engineers, and agriculture experts.

Obama stated that the projected goal is for Afghanistan to have 134,000 troops and 82,000 police officers by the year 2011 when complete control of the nation is hopefully going to be handed over to its government.

The Afghan government has had trouble taking off and has encountered corruption and resistance, but with the help of the United States, the nation of Afghanistan will have all of the necessary resources to soar.

The outreach towards these two nations effected by al Qaeda, the Taliban, and war will hopefully bring an end to the destruction that has become all too common in the area. If the plans go as expected, by the end of 2011, Pakistan and Afghanistan should both be free of terrorism and destruction.

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