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November 22, 2019

Obama Believes in Stimulus Package

President Barack Obama believes in the passing of his stimulus package. He says that despite the ongoing differences between Republicans and Democrats, the plan will be finalized shortly. Hopes are that the bill will be passed in mere weeks.

Obama also held a meeting to discuss the current situation of the bill in the Senate with the Democratic congressional leaders. The meeting was said to be very productive and that the Democrats agreed on how vital it was for them to quickly get a bipartisan agreement on the package.

It was said that Obama told his team to remove whatever needs to be cut in order to reach that bipartisan agreement.

The Senate is expected to vote on the list of amendments to the bill on Tuesday afternoon.

The goal is to have it complete by the end of the week so the House and Senate can work together on a final draft to present to President Obama.

One difference between the House and Senate versions is that the Senate’s plan would total a cost of $884.5 billion over the next ten years. Furthermore, the Senate’s version would place $694 billion into the economy by the end of 2010.

Republicans believe that their ideas will be listened to and taken into account based on Obama’s recent actions and outreach to them.

February 13th is the set deadline for finalizing a bill to put in front of President Obama.

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3 Comments on Obama Believes in Stimulus Package

  1. During the campain’s you mentioned that a one time $10,0000 withdrawal from IRA’s would be penalty free. Is this still on the table? This would be of a great benefit to those of us fighting to keep our homes and mortgages.

    I supported you during the campains and continue to support now.

  2. what do the tax payers stand to gain from this stimulus. so far from what i have read is that we are pretty much getting craped on. i voted for obamba and understand that change wont hapen over nigth but what is the deal with this stimulus it seems to me that we are paying off companyies so we can be riped off by them. what we benifit from the stimulas is a 400 dollar to 800 dollar tax credit. it will just take a little off our pay check each moth. I dont wont to sound ignorant but realy who is this tax break realy going to help it is sure not going to help me or my wife who together made under 25 thousand this last year and no i don’t mean 250,000 i mean 25,000. I have nothing aganist obama i think he is i good man at hart but what is he doing.I believe if all this garbage was left off the stimulus and the money went to housing and to the people it would of done alot more to boost the economythan its going to do buy giving it to companies who are looking for a quick buck. But what do i know i am just a nobody so why would this letter matter to you
    if i am misunderstanding this let me know

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