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October 31, 2020

Obama Addresses Nation

San Francisco ( When your average American takes a few days off to unwind and relax with their families, they tend to take their mind completely off of their work. Many would argue that the whole point of getting away from your work and home and taking a vacation means that no thought about work should take place at all.

But then again, some men and women in the United States of America are just too hard working to truly take a full vacation. And one of the people is the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Despite leaving for Maine with his wife, the First Lady Michelle Obama, and his two daughters for a weekend getaway in order to recharge for all of the issues he is facing on a daily basis, President Barack Obama still delivered his weekly radio and online address to the people of the United States. And he used to broadcast to benefit his political goals as well as help his Democratic colleagues and call out Republicans who are costing millions of American people.

President Obama called Republicans nothing more than a large blockade standing between the United States of America and economic recovery. Obama pointed out the fact that currently in the United States Senate, the Republicans are standing in the way of millions of Americans receiving jobless benefits as an attempt to make Obama’s economic policies look like a failure, which is something Obama needs to prove false with midterm elections coming up on the November 2nd.

The House of Representatives allowed a bill increasing insurance for the unemployed by thirty-four billion dollars, but the Republicans in the Senate are currently attempting to filibuster the bill, which is set to be voted on this Tuesday.

Obama made it very clear that “too often the Republican leadership in the United States Senate chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct out progress. And that has very real consequences.” The President, who made his address while in Maine, went on to say that, “some Republican leaders actually treat this unemployment insurance as if it’s a form of welfare. They say it discourages folks from looking for work. Well I’ve met a lot of folks looking for work these past few years and I can tell you I haven’t met any Americans who would rather have an unemployment check than a meaningful job that lets you provide for your family.”

Even though this is supposed to be his well deserved time off with his loving family, the President of the United States of America cannot help but do the job he was elected to do in November of 2008. Barack Obama has worked hard for a year and a half to give every single American citizen the help they need in this tough economic time in history. And with his measures and bills finally starting to come together in the ways that he envisioned, the last thing Obama needs right now is for the Republicans to try to bring him down as he is beginning to show the progressions he promised.

With midterm elections coming up in less than four months, the time for Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party to finally spread their wings and show the people of the United States all of the improvements they have made over the previous Bush Administration is now. With an ever important election coming up quickly, President Obama is doing the right things at the right times in order to ensure the Democrats maintaining their posts.

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