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July 11, 2020

Mystery Around ESPN Writer Continues, Sarah Phillips Part 1

Sarah J. Phillips was a writer for ESPN and wrote a column on gambling every week. Or did she?

Phillips ascended from forum poster to a writer for the site to an ESPN columnist five months later.

However, soon questions began to come up about if she was who she claimed to be. Many questions how such a young women could be so good at sports gambling and if she was truthful about many of her claims. Adding more mystery to the matter, none of Phillips’ employers at or ESPN had ever seen her, but did speak to her on the phone.

Almost as soon as she began posting for, readers began to notice that not all of her photos looked like the same woman. In addition, some of her photos were featured on other websites previously and did not say it was Sarah Philips. All of the photos of her featured on the website were given to the site by Phillips.

Phillips told her bosses that the pictures were simply old photos and her hair color had changed since.

In her times with, Phillips claimed to be constantly betting on sports and shared some stories about rather large bets and her experiences with bookies and online gambling.

From here, the mystery just continued.

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