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July 04, 2020

Mystery Around ESPN Writer Continues, Sarah Phillips Part 2

The Sarah Phillips saga continued when she made her way to Bristol to work for ESPN. ESPN felt Phillips had the right style and was the right person for the job of writing for their website. She called her column, “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.”

The mystery continued there. Phillips still had not physically been seen by anyone at ESPN. In addition, her reports of her picks did not reflect some picks that did not come true, thus she was lying about her record. In addition, after claiming to be a gambler and posting pictures of her betting tickets, she claimed to not gamble to a follower who asked. Did she make honest mistakes or was she lying?

Phillips even allegedly scammed a young college student into working for her on a new website for a lot of money. She would name drop ESPN as her current employer to help convince the young man into working for her. She got the man to contact a supposed editor for the new site who then told the college student that he worked for ESPN and was named Nilesh Prasad.

However, no such man has ever worked for ESPN. The young college student eventually was told by Nilesh that the photos he was using on the site were “illegal” Getty Images and he had to pay $1,000 for each. Nilesh told him to make Phillips and another man named Navin Prasad administrators on the website so they could switch in “legal” photos and then things would be okay. The young man did not want to get sued so he made them administrators.

Within days, he had been removed as administrator, but was told it was because of issues with IP address tracking. Soon after, Prasad deleted the Facebook page he used to speak with the college student and the young man lost his website. He was scammed. He is trying to pursue legal action.

In recent days, Phillips said on her Twitter account that she returned the website to the young man and that much of the story was not true. But the stories do not end there.

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