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June 24, 2019

Millions Celebrate Christmas, Russians Protest Putin

As millions of people all around the world are celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, the Russian people instead chose to protest Vladimir Putin.

On Christmas Eve, instead of staying at home with family and friends, thousands upon thousands of Russian citizens flooded Moscow to protest Vladimir Putin.

The Russian people strongly dislike Putin and presume that there was a lot of corruption in the recent elections because with as much hate for him as there is in Russia, it is hard to believe that Putin’s party legitimately earned over fifty percent of the Russian vote.

With the vote for president of Russia set for March, many are speculating that corruption will lead to Putin essentially being handed the presidency by Dmitry Medvedev. Putin was already president from 2000 to 2008, but under Russian law, a president can only be in office for eight consecutive years, but can return to office for more terms after another person has been president for at least one term, as Medvedev has.

The Russian people want to have a clean government system that allows for true progress and real representation of the views of the people. Under Medvedev and Putin, they have had to deal with the exact opposite.

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