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April 07, 2020

Michael Jackson’s Daughter Does TV Interview, Paris Jackson on Ellen

For the first time, young Paris Jackson is going to give a public appearance and a television interview without her brothers. The only daughter of the late King of Entertainment Michael Jackson spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week and the interview will air during tomorrow’s telecast.

Paris speaks of her schooling and her memories of her father.

She tells Ellen about how she was excited to not be recognized when she entered her new school, The Buckley School. She says that she was happy to get a chance to smoothly transition into the new school before people realized who she was and the great attention would begin.

Paris cites her ability to retain a normal childhood to her father and his decision to have her and her brothers wear masks in public as children so their identities would be protected.

She then tells Ellen of some of her memories of her father. She said that she still remembers all of the advice Michael gave her and carries it with her everyday.

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