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March 29, 2020

Man Fires Gun at White House, Arrested


Last week, a bullet hit a window of the residential portion of the White House. However, the window was made of bulletproof glass and did not cause any damage.

This week, Pennsylvania police officers arrested Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez. He is the man believed to have fired the gun at the White House. He was taken into custody close to Indiana, Pennsylvania at a hotel.

Multiple bullets were fired at the nation’s capital by the 21 year old man from Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Ortega-Hernandez has been reported as missing since the end of October by his family and has been arrested in three different states.

The gunfire was reported Friday night approximately 750 yards away from the White House.

Obama is currently not in Washington D.C. as he is on a nine day long tour of Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia.

The reasons for the shooting has not been determined, but are likely to be a political statement by the Idaho man.

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