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January 27, 2020

Lindsay Lohan Poses for Playboy, Claims to be Reformed

One month ago Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to prison time for violating her probation. Today, she is on the cover of Playboy magazine and she is nude inside the pages.

In her shots, Lohan pays tribute to another famous Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe. The magazine will be on newsstands on the 16th.

Over the course of the last five years, Lohan has went from a promising actress with every opportunity practically handed to her to being the poster child for how not to handle fame and money.

Numerous arrests and drug busts have seen Lohan spend more time in the court room than the sound stage as of late.

Now, the once beloved actress is claiming to have learned the error of her ways.

In her interview with Playboy, Lohan says she now realizes that she needs to be responsible for her life. She said if she could, she would go back and listen to those who were trying to steer her down the right path and to protect her.

Lohan said that she does not get why people are so fascinated by her and cover her so much.

Whether it is the first step into a positive future for Lohan or if it is just talk to get people off her back, it is apparent that Lohan is at least aware of the mistakes she has made since her rise to superstardom.

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