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November 17, 2019

Lil Wayne and Eminem to Work Together, Holding Joint Concert in December

It is reported that on December 1st, rappers Lil Wayne and Eminem will join forces once again in a concert.

So far in 2011, the rapper known as Slim Shady has only made two live performances. Eminem used to have trouble at the Etihad Stadium venue because of his old ways, but now things have changed. Paul Dainty, the man promoting the event, said, “It’s all very professional and there are no problems. We are in a different space with Eminem than we were 10 years ago. He’s crossed over to the mainstream and become a pop-culture icon.”

The concert will be a one night only event in Australia. The set list is expected to be a greatest hits compilation of sorts by Slim Shady.

Lil Wayne, who much like Eminem has dropped drugs and firearm possession recently, is going to make the trip with Eminem overseas to join him on stage. The two only have a few songs that they have worked on together, but that won’t stop Weezy F Baby from going to Australia to help support his friend.

The announcement of the two working together makes the December 1st concert arguably the most anticipated of the year.


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