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August 07, 2020

LeBron and the Heat to Take on Rose and the Bulls, James Justified

Haters rejoice, LeBron James and the Miami Heat are looking strong in the NBA Playoffs despite all of the naysayers who have been down on the team since it first assembled this past summer.

Ever since LeBron “decided to take his talents to South Beach,” critics have been aplenty and they have been quick to judge every move made by James, Wade, Bosh, and the rest of the Heat.

The most recent critique came when the Heat officially knocked off the Celtics and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals.

One year ago, when LeBron and his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, lost to the Celtics in the playoffs, LeBron was chastised for leaving the court without shaking hands with members of the Boston Celtics. Fast-forward one year and when the Heat defeated the Celtics, not one Celtic player stayed on the court to shake hands with Heat players.

But the media instead chose to focus on the Heat’s celebration. Apparently, as far as many critics are concerned, the Celtic players show of lack of sportsmanship pales in comparison to the Heat “over celebrating.” It seems to be popular opinion that defeating the Celtics, who are arguably the deepest team in the NBA and who have stood in the way of both LeBron and Wade in recent years of reaching the NBA Finals, does not warrant a celebration.

After being critiqued and hated on for leaving Cleveland the way he did, it is now clear that LeBron made the right move. The NBA is a league where it takes at least two stars to win the championship. And much like any other American, LeBron saw a better opportunity to be successful with another company and he took that opportunity. People may be upset with LeBron’s “decision,” but how many of those people who stay with a job that was not bringing them success instead of joining a different company with high hopes for success that did not ride solely on their performance when the opportunity presents itself?

LeBron’s choice now sees him in position to win the NBA Title. The Heat are now the favorites to win it all.

LeBron has touted the Bulls. He has spoken highly of Derrick Rose’s leadership and talents. He spoke highly of their depth and defensive play.

The series is one of the most anticipated matchups in recent years.

With the Heat coming in as the favorites, can the Bulls show them up and show them exactly why they came in first place in the Eastern Conference this year?

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