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August 19, 2019

Josh Hamilton Having Record Season, Leads MLB in Home Runs and RBI

It was not that long ago that Josh Hamilton was labeled a bust. He was a top draft pick who ended up being labeled an alcoholic and a drug addict.

Now that he has cleaned up, Hamilton is arguably the best player in Major League Baseball today.

In his last seven games alone for the Texas Rangers, Hamilton has racked up 9 home runs, 18 RBI, and 14 hits all in 30 at bats. Included in that is his famous 4 home run game with all four being 2-run shots. In that game Hamilton went 5 for 5 and broke the record for the most total bases in a game for an American League player in history with 18. That’s something that the likes of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams did not achieve.

Right now Hamilton is sitting at an above .400 batting average, 18 home runs, 40 RBI and is notably ahead of all other major leaguers in all categories with the exception of David Wright’s .400 batting average.

With Hamilton now clean and enjoying life with his family, there is only one question left to ponder. What could have been? Had Hamilton not had the vices he had early in his life and entered MLB just a few years earlier, we would be talking about him breaking numerous all-time records.

Regardless, Hamilton is on pace to not just likely take the MVP, but also put together a season for the record books.

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