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May 25, 2020

John Travolta Challenges Lawsuit, Attempts to Shoot Down False Charges


A masseuse has sued actor John Travolta. The man claims that Travolta booked a $200 an hour session and when he met up with Travolta, who he claims he did not know was the man who booked the appointment, drove in Travolta’s car to where the massage was going to take place.

The masseuse claims that there were condoms in the car. When the massage took place, the man claims Travolta sexually assaulted him and touched his private parts. The man went on to make outrageous claims of what Travolta did and said to him. Now the man wants $2 million from Travolta for the incident.

The incident allegedly took place in Los Angeles. However, Travolta was in New York City that day. Not only was Travolta pictured outside of a Mr. Chow restaurant in New York on that day, but also the receipts have been made public to prove it.

Now another man is claiming Travolta did the same thing to him. Funny thing is, that man is represented by the same lawyer as the first man.

This all quickly became a situation where anyone could take one look and realize this is nothing more than a poor extortion attempt and a horrible attempt to falsely trash Travolta’s name.

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