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May 25, 2020

Jersey Shore Recap, Mike Causes Problem After Problem

With not much time left in Florence, the members of the Jersey Shore cast are making the most of their final days.

Pauly D is experiencing troubles with Deena. Deena wants nothing from Pauly other than to get it in and finally sleep with the MTV DJ. Pauly, as only he can, turns Deena down politely and keeps away from risking any damage done to their friendship.

On a funny note, Pauly uses Mike’s toothbrush to clean his hair supplies. Moments later Mike walks into the bathroom and uses the brush.

Snooki and Jionni talk about the situation of Snooki sleeping with Vinny and more or less end up breaking up. Snooki says the two are still talking things out, but it is apparent that it’s over.

The gang then gets together for their last Saturday night in Florence. At the club, Mike starts drama with everyone in attendance and a huge fight nearly breaks out.

Then after everyone else goes home, Snooki and Deena go to another club. There, they get into an altercation with club-goers and get tossed out. Ronnie, Sam, and Jenni at this point are just annoyed with the meatballs and don’t want to be around them.

Ronnie then sets the Sunday dinner on fire, so he and Sam go out to get more groceries to start a new dinner. Sam and Jenni then cook dinner.

Mike gets into an argument with Deena, and then Vinny calls Mike out on his problems.

At the final dinner, the gang opens up about their desires to get back home to the Jersey Shore.

And of course Mike starts drama about no one wanting to room with him back home in Jersey. Everyone begins to talk that it’s time for Mike to straighten up or step out of the house.

And of course, when they go to the club again, Mike tries to pick another fight.


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