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December 10, 2019

Jersey Shore Recap, Jionni Comes to Visit Snooki, Walks Out On Her

Another week, another full episode of drama in the Jersey Shore house in Italy.

The episode started out where the last one ended off with Snooki and Deena being taken to the police station after Snooki gets Team Meatballs into a car accident by hitting a police car. The boys rush to the rescue, but do not get to the scene in time. After they get to the police station, Snooki is released with no charges, but does get her license revoked in addition to a bundle of fines.

Jenni finds out that Roger was unable to get the time off work that he requested in order to visit Italy. The girls then take an emotional Jenni out for a girl’s night to get her mind off not being able to see Roger.

The boys go out the same night. Upon arriving home, Snooki leaves a surprise in the form of Brittany in Mike’s bed. A shocked Mike ends up making things work and has a good night much to the chagrin of the girls.

Jionni finally arrives and at first it is all biscuits and gravy for him and Snooki. But then at the club, Jionni gets upset with Snooki’s dancing and walks out on her. A hysterical Snooki is consoled by her roommates outside as Ronnie chases Jionni through the streets of Florence to talk some sense into him. Jenni then goes after Jionni, but he would not stop to talk to her.

Despite the efforts of Ron and Jenni, Jionni has made up his mind and by the time he comes back to the house, he is done with Snooki and the relationship and tells her to her face. Meanwhile, Sam sympathizes with Snooki because it was not long ago that she was in the same spot with Ron.

Jionni leaves Italy after the drunk fight and Snooki is left to pick up the pieces.


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