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September 18, 2020

iPhone Coming To Verizon, AT&T Customers Jumping Ship Too

Verizon is welcoming the iPhone in early 2011

Verizon is welcoming the iPhone in early 2011San Francisco ( The marriage between Apple and AT&T has ended. AT&T is no longer the only provider licensed to carry Apple products. The iPad is now available for Verizon subscribers and the iPhone is expected to be coming soon as well. With these changes, one would have to be foolish not to assume that Verizon is on the cusp of seeing a very pleasant increase in their subscribers.

With the situation the way it was for 2010 up until now, AT&T was gaining new subscribers nearly three-to-one compared to Verizon. With the introduction of the iPhone 4, Verizon’s Droid simply could not keep up. But with the iPhone coming to Verizon in January, many are suspecting that the subscriber ratio will reverse in Verizon’s favor.

One of the reasons for customers to jump ship from AT&T to Verizon is service. AT&T users know all too well that when using the iPhone, dropped calls, bad connections, and having no service at all despite the screen indicating that the signal was good are all too common.

Verizon on the other hand, has no such problems with their smartphones, including Android’s and BlackBerry’s. And for those wondering if the problem might be the iPhone itself, no other providers in the rest of the world have encountered similar problems to AT&T.

Reports have surfaced that the problems with AT&T’s service have nothing to do with the high volume of users in a certain area. Researchers are reporting that the problems have to do with the networks themselves. AT&T claimed that they were working to improve the situation by the end of the summer in order to better accommodate their subscribers, but nothing has changed.

To make their service better, AT&T would essentially have to change the signaling within their network. But instead of making the changes, AT&T has decided to stick with their current 3G network through at least 2011.

Verizon on the other hand, is already prepared for the service needed for the iPhone. Verizon users on average run through more data than iPhone users do and the Android line of phones use the same amount of energy as the iPhone. Thus, the Verizon network is more than strong enough to carry the iPhone and do so significantly better than AT&T.

The beginning of 2011 is primed to see an unprecedented amount of people switch from AT&T to Verizon. And while Verizon will benefit highly from Apple’s decision to increase the market for the iPhone, it will be Apple that will benefit the most, as sales will surely skyrocket.

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