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May 25, 2020

iPad 3 Pre Sales Sold Out, Consumers Want New Apple Product

At the conclusion of 2011, the total number of iPads sold, including the iPad 1 and the iPad 2, was reported at approximately 55 million units. This led many to suspect that the iPad 3 might not see too many upgrades or new consumers looking to get their hands on the upgrade of the device.

However, for two days now the iPad 3 has been available for pre-sale on all of the Apple online stores worldwide. And as of today, every single iPad 3 available for presale has been sold.

The excitement over any new Apple product is always high. The iPad 3 is no exception. The tablet is expected to feature better graphics, a high quality camera, and the new personal assistant application, Siri.

In the final fiscal quarter of 2011, Apple sold about fifteen and a half million iPads. Clearly the rage over the tablet computers is growing and with the advancements implemented into the new iPad 3, it will only grow even more.


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