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July 21, 2018

Free Annual Credit Report

The United States Government and the 3 credit bureaus allow everyone to receive 1 free credit report every year. It’s Quick, Easy and Secure. To receive your credit data is fully free and after you enter your info you get the option of also getting your fico score which comes with a small fee. Depending on the reason you need your credit score, you may or may not need your fico.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Credit Score?

Knowing your credit score will help you get better rates when you buy a house, new car or other major purchases.

Banks examine your credit score prior to approving your interest rate and that influences your monthly payments. So it is in your best interest to check your credit report and find out your score so you can save money on necessary purchases.

Where Should You Check Your Credit Score?

The best place to get your credit report is to do it for free on the free annual credit score site. It is truly the only place you can get your report for free and you are allowed to check it one time per year at no cost. A good thing to do is to check your score in January so you have a set schedule of getting you free credit score at the beginning of the year and working on improving it if needed. Or if your score ends up being high then you can enjoy it and not stress about the report.

What Is A Credit Score?

A credit score is a number that is used to measure a person’s credit worthiness. The score is based on the individual’s credit information and history. Credit scores range from 300 to 850.

Banks, credit card companies and other lenders use credit score information to assess the potential risk they take when lending money to individuals.

It is generally a good idea to check your score regularly to stay on top of fluctuations you may not be aware of. If you catch a drop in credit score quick enough you can sometimes act fast to remove the bad debt or collections item and raise your score again.  A high credit score can significantly reduce interest rates on acquired loans as well as qualify you for higher risk debt than a low score.


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