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February 28, 2020

Apple Has Black Friday Sale, Best Prices of the Year

Every single year, shoppers all over the United States get excited for the day after Thanksgiving, where just about every store across the nation has major sales going on. And the most popular sale comes from the most popular company, Apple.

This Friday, Apple will unleash a one day sale that will give shoppers the best possible prices of the year.

The sale will be on the Apple website, and it is not definite if Apple Stores will be giving the same prices, but it has not been ruled out.

Sales include the iPad, iPod, and Mac computers.

Apple has not announced what the exact discounts are. However, many are speculating that the markdowns will be similar to the ones in previous years. Rumored prices include $101 off of Mac computers, up to $61 off of the iPads, and as much as $41 off of iPods. While the discounts might not be as big as ones other companies are offering, they are still a solid discount off of very popular items that millions are wanting to get.

It is also being speculated that accessories will also be on sale.

The iPhone is not expected to be on sale.

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